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Why Play Football With Us?


We are the longest established suppliers of organised 5 a side and 6 a side leagues in Europe, so if you join one of our many hundreds of leagues and become one of our many thousands of delighted teams you firstly know we've been around for decades. For a lot of you, we know this counts for something.
We are the only operator who give a FULL COLOUR booklet to every team in every league, and also have League News boards at our venues.

Unlike some of our smaller competitors, when you join a free kit league you actually get it, and we don't make promises or advertise offers that are not true. Our reputation is our greatest asset. And we are very, very proud of it.

For more than two years we have been involved in the National 6 a side football championships – all winners and runners-up in the leagues are invited to the tournament. With the gathering in Birmingham next June set to attract over 3000 players. Or to put it another way, more footballers than have been assembled in one place than ever before.

Or you may like the fact we spend more than any other operator on prizes and awards. We recognise that if you've won a league you're entitled to an expensive award, and if you finished last, then you're just as important to us as well, so you get a silver embossed wooden spoon.

Unlike others, we have photographers who visit our leagues and take photographs of your team, and we don't expect you to write your own press releases either. Our Media Department write a full press release and send it with a picture and your league table every week to your local paper. In a recent independent survey, our press coverage was more than four times that of our nearest competitor.

Then there’s this website – very much our “jewel in the crown” – since we launched the only interactive website in the world of 5 a side 6 a side football we have seen our website traffic more than double as we get more “hits” than anyone else. It might be the fact that teams can upload their own player and team pictures or squad profiles to the site, or it could be the Blogs, League News, or the very latest from the football world that keeps them coming back – the truth is we don’t know, but they do. In their thousands.

And we aren’t finished there….there are some thrilling developments planned for later this year and beyond.

With this unparrelled investment both in the website and in these support Departments, we can offer you a service that we guarantee will not be matched by any one else.

For many teams our strict disciplinary system is attractive. We are acknowledged as having the tightest discipline of any operator. We understand that teams want to play in a competitive but friendly atmosphere. And we never take a players word above the referees.

For your safety, we are the only operator who supply a First Aid board for all our venues, and our mobile team of Operations Managers to service our leagues is bigger than all our competitors combined, so if there is a problem at your league, one of our central staff will be there to help.

We have partnerships with all the major European Governing Bodies and an insurance policy which others dream of matching.

You may want the comfort of knowing our network of leagues is the largest in Europe, supported by a professional and courteous team of Area Office Managers.

Or you may like the new Membership card, which is coming soon and will see every single one of the over 20,000 happy players we have per week given very special offers and discounts.

And if that’s not enough, finally you might just like the fact that any surplus income we make goes to good causes, because we at Leisure Leagues know there's more to football than simply winning and losing.

Others can talk a good game. Here at Leisure Leagues we deliver it.