European wide suppliers of small sided leagues, we have partnerships with all the major Football Associations which involve exchanging information as necessary.

Unlike smaller local suppliers, we do not 'affiliate' as such, but have strong links to other major Governing Bodies 

We have a reputation as the UK and Ireland's leading enforcers of well disciplined leagues and encourage referees to exclude players or teams that do not conform to acceptable standards. Our leading officials all have access to our disciplinary website where they can fine and exclude players automatically. 

No appeal is allowed unless it is authorised by the relevant referee. 

Government bodies, such as Sport England have praised our approach and have declared our rules to be "the strongest they have ever seen."

By choosing to link to, rather than affiliate with, Governing bodies we are able to take control of discipline in our leagues in a much clearer and firmer way than our competitors. 

However, we do work in partnership with a number of Football Associations at a local level, such as The Birmingham, Staffordshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire FA’s as well as the United Kingdom Minifootball Association, who we will continue to partner with on occasions. 

We also work closely with Referees Organisations in areas where we have leagues and are happy to assist them in any way we possibly can.