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Halifax Wednesday Premier League Articles

A great night of football overall at the Halifax Wednesday league, which brings the season to an end!Well done to our winners of the Premier league Brazilliant and runners up Fish Handlers!Well done to the winners of Division 1 Bradford, and runners up The Underdogs!We will be in contact with all te...
A good night overall at the Halifax Wednesday league with all teams in attendance with the exception of Bacon Sane, it was due to be the last week of their 2 week notice so we will now be removing them from the league with immediate effect.Unfortunately The Underdogs did not get a game as a result o...
Weekly News from Wednesday 6th September
We had a superb night of football on Wednesday, as we saw all teams in attendance for some thrilling matches. Every team found the back of the net at least twice, and we saw some magnificent goals scored throughout the evening.
Weekly News from Wednesday 30th August
We had a great night of football on Wednesday, as we saw plenty of goals across the five fixtures which were played on the night. It was a shame that Obi Wan Kenobi Nil had to cancel their game, and we would like to apologise to Park Farm Social Club who consequently went without a game. We look for...
Weekly News from Wednesday 23rd August
Overall we had a terrific night of football on Wednesday, as we saw all teams in attendance for their games. The only exception to this were Transline, who have confirmed they will be back as normal next week.The only downside was a disciplinary against Arren Khan, from Fish Handlers. After shoving...