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Llanelli Monday Premier League Articles

Weekly News 15/10/18 - Llanelli 6 a side League
With all teams in attendance and keen to play some lively football, we saw a total of 19 impressive goals over the four games.  Rat State Penitentiary started the night with a decisive win over Beans on Post, Nomads Old Boys had a strong start against BPFC pulling ahead in the first half, with...
Weekly Update 8th October - Llanelli 6 a side league
Wins tonight for Nomads Old Boys, Dead Parrots and BPFC with new comers Bed and Brexit drawing 1 goal a piece in a lively game against Beans on Post. BPFC and Nomads Old Boys maintain their places in first and second place in the league with Dead Parrots edging up to third spot.
New Team Joining League !
This week we say goodbye and thank you to Haven't Got a Kalou and hello and welcome to Bed and Brexit.
Llanelli 6 a Side League - Weekly News Update 01/10/18
Rat State Penitentiary kicked off the evening with a 10-3 victory over Team Dream/USA. Then with Haven't Got a Kalou unable to field a team, Rat State Penitentiary boldly stayed on for a points match against Kilkenny.Other matches saw wins for Nomads Old Boys and BPFC.A new team, Bed and Brexit, wil...
Weekly Update 24th September - Llanelli 6 a side league
At the half way point of the season, the Goalkeepers were all on fine form making many impressive saves. BPFC and Nomads Old Boys remain in 1st and 2nd place respectively in the league, with Haven't got a Kalou moving up to third place. In the second game of the night, Beans on Post and Team Dream/U...