Newmarket Leisure Centre
Newmarket Monday
Division 1
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See how you stack up against others teams and compare stats across our Newmarket league in the fixture tables below with up-to-date results. Our 6-aside league based in Newmarket is running on a monday night. Currently YoungGuns takes the lead of Division 1 with Total SC’s in second place.

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17th September 2018
Home Result Away
England YoungGuns 5 - 0 England White Pheasant
Zimbabwe Newmarket warriors 1 - 2 England Total SC’s
24th September 2018
Home Result Away
England White Pheasant 20:30 k/o England Total SC’s
England YoungGuns 20:30 k/o Zimbabwe Newmarket warriors
1st October 2018
Home Result Away
Zimbabwe Newmarket warriors 20:30 k/o England White Pheasant
England Total SC’s 20:30 k/o England YoungGuns