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Heywood Monday Premier League Articles

NEW Season, new website!
We enjoyed an excellent evening of small sided football at the Heywood Monday League to finish the current season. All teams were in attendance with the exception of FULLER VALE who had let the Head Office know and will be back as normal this week. Well done to CROUCH POTATOES who have been cr...
Player Cards
Now your league is up and running, you can log in and complete your individual player cards, which can easily be set up via Facebook at the click of a button! This gives you the opportunity to use some of the fantastic features on our website, such as selecting which nation you would like to...
New Website
The new site gives you access to all new player functions including changing team and players nationalities, uploading individual player cards, selecting your player ratings and joining the transfer market.  From a team’s perspective you also now have the ability to upload team photos, pa...