December 7th 2016

Tiegers removed following non-attendance

We have removed Tiegers from the league with immediate effect following their non-attendance last night and failing to notify us at head office.

They have now failed to attend for the last 2 consecutive weeks without letting us know. 

We have policy's in place for a reason and like last week and last night they have left their opponents without a game. This is not acceptable or fair on the other loyal and committed teams in the league.

We would like to apologise to game of throwins who was scheduled to play Tiegers last night.

Please note:

If your team ever wishes to cancel a game then you need to give 7 days notice in order not to be charged your match fee.

If your team ever wishes to leave the league then you need to give 2 weeks notice and play both of those games in order to leave.

We thank you for your full co-operation on this matter.

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