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Durham League to Return
Following our summer break, we are delighted to announce that the Durham league is due to return on 3 September.To make sure you secure your space and get the best joining deals, join us now at or contact Drew on 07538 474933.
Summer Break for the Durham League
With the numbers of the league reducing due to the summer period, we are having a short summer break between seasons.Further details to follow of the new season when the league will be back, bigger and better than ever.If you want to join the league whilst it is on hold, please contact Drew on 07538...
Summer Break Begins as the Season Ends
The league ended with no attendance from Dinamo Dinsdale and so victories were assured for PNE and AO Let's sees PNE secure their title and place in the Champions draw for the end of this month.Due to the league reducing in numbers, it has been decided to have a summer break with the new...
League Back On
After a couple of weeks off due to various reasons including the England game, we are back to finish the season on 25 June.The new season start date very much depends on the next England matches as if they are playing on Monday 2 July, the matches will be cancelled so that you can back the boys.If y...
Match OFF
It was with regret that the league ended early with no matches available on the 11th.These matches have been rearranged for 25th June as the league is off on 18th to allow for you to support England