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Portchester Monday Division 1 Articles

No 6 a side on Easter Monday due to venue being closed
There will be no 6 a side football at Portchester on Easter Monday due to the venue being closed. See you all on 29th April. Happy Easter!
Swan Lake early leaders at Portchester 6 a side Monday
A mixed night down at our Portchester Monday league. Some great football played but with a 3 teams not able to make it this week we saw a couple of points matches played. Nonetheless some excellent matches to watch.In the Premier League it is champions Swan Lake that lead the table after week 2. The...
One Space Available in the League
We have one team space available in our Monday night league. We are offering free entry until the space is filled. If you have any questions please contact Rich on 07969731086 or sign up on the league page.
Total Messi edge tight match with Baldham on opening day
The new 6 a side season is underway at our Portchester Monday night league. We did have a couple of teams away but there was still a lot of excellent football played and some entertaining matches.In the Premier league there were points match wins for Swan Lake and Paula United due to the two teams b...
Big Wins for AFC Baldham and Swan Lake
A good night of 6 a side football at our Portchester Community School last night with all teams in attendance apart from Big Show who did let us know but only a late notice. We apologise to Smurfitt Kappa, will be in touch regarding a goodwill gesture for you guys.Apart from that we saw some tight m...