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Moist Kents and Lads On Toure join the Tuesday league
All teams to read
All Teams To Read: 1. Teams must make sure no balls roll onto the pitch whilst it is in use with another booking for health and safety reasons2. Swearing - There have been complaints from another booking about our teams excessively swearing before our games. Please bear in mind the booking before us...
 The sun is out in Lincoln, and the league is on as normal tonight following the tough spell of weather we have had. Good luck to all teams competing tonight! 
One Space Available
 Join the Priory City Of Lincoln Academy league now and save £5 on entry! There is the chance of an immediate start in the league for a team signing up now!
Pathetico Madrid are Leisure Leagues champions!
 The thrilling Leisure Leagues Priory Tuesday league went all the way down to the wire, with Pathetico Madrid clinching the title by just a point. An honorable mention must be given to Exeter Gently, who enjoyed a terrific campaign, winning 16 of their 22 games. Just The One Swansea w...