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Weekly news
Great night at our Milton Keynes 6-a-side SUNDAY league. We saw all teams in attendance as expected
We have 2 spaces left -  JOIN NOW
Weekly News
Great night at our MK 6er Side SUNDAY league.We have 2 Spaces left and looking for fill the spaces ASAPIf you are interested, please contact Shen: 07794494532 or via Email:
Welcome to the new season
Welcome to our new 6er side Sunday league season. We saw a great 1st fixture.We are looking for teams - if you are interested, sign up and JOIN ASAP
NEW SEASON START: 02nd September 2018
We had a brilliant first season at our Milton Keynes 6er side Sunday league. We see more and more interest at the league and looking to extend the season asapCongrats to the Premier league & Division one winners.NEW SEASON STARTS: 02ND SEPTEMBER 2018JOIN NOW!!!!!