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Week Off
This weeks games have been post poned till the end of the Season.Games resume as normal next week.Enjoy the World Cup!
League winners and Runners up announced
As the Season came to an end there has to be winners and losers.PREMIER LEAGUEWINNERS : ZE GERMANSRUNNERS UP: SWINTON UTDThe league went down to the last day with Ze Germans doing the business with a 5-2 win over Irlam Storm. As the table shows the league was very competative with 2 points sepa...
New League Starting in June
With 1 Match Week remaining at Leisure Leagues Swinton, it isnt too long until we start the new season.The new season will bring some changes. Firstly the format of the league will be changing to a single 8 team league as opposed to two 6 team leagues. This will mean the league lasts longer making i...
Centre closed for Bank Holiday
Cnetre closed due to Bank HolidayWith 2 games to go the title challenge is on in both Divisions.Leisure Leagues Swinton Premier League With 2 games to go its very tight at the top of the table with Swinton United in the lead with 12 points, Ze Germans on 11 points and lrlam on 10 poin...
3 Weeks to go
3 Games to go in the season. The Swinton Premier Division still wide open with all teams still able to win it! It may come down to the last day to get a winner.The Division 1 is close also currently being led by Alcoballics with Unathletic Bilbao on their tails.With the new season soon approach...