Burgess Hill Wednesday Premier League

Season update 10 August 2022
Our current season continued with winners this week AFC Shantos, Kroos Control, Hit It Like Mason, Hapax and Famal. 
Season update 3 August 2022
As our new season continued we had a night of high-scoring matches as Kross Control continue to dominate the early running. New teams wanted! There are spaces available for new teams to join the league and start playing straight away. Entry is free and so if you're keen to play some small-sided...
Season update 27 July 2022
We had a week affected by holidays and winner after this round of fixtures were AFC Shantos, Old England, league leaders Kroos Control, Just Friends and HIt It Like Mason. We still have a space available in the league for a new team to start playing straight away. So, don't delay get your team...
Season update 20 July 2022
Our new season continued this week with wins for Hapax, Famal, Just Friends, Bendtner Over and Kroos Control. We currently have one space available for a new team to join and start playing six a side footy in our Burgess Hill league. The league has been running continuously for ten ye...
New teams wanted - new season just started
We have a space available for a new team to join and start playing straight away in our season which has just started. Entry is free and it's quick and easy to sign up online. So don't delay get your team registered now.