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Stroud Monday Premier League Articles

Second Division Launched
We are delighted to announce that the best 6-a-side league in Stroud is expanding from this Monday.We will now have 2 divisions so every game is vital with 2 relegation/promotion places for the season.If you want to be part of the action, we have 2 spaces and so sign up now for FREE Entry because on...
Welcome to Cameroon Diaz
We are delighted to welcome another new team, Cameroon Diaz, to the Stroud 6-a-side league.With 4 new teams signed up in the couple of weeks, we are delighted to announce our expansion to a second division. You can be part of the football revolution and join now at and ta...
Schlupp are the Champions!
The bridesmaid are finally the bride!After two second place finishes in the previous 2 seasons, 2 Girls 1 Schlupp have gotten over the line and secured the title.  Congratulations to them!With a 2 point deficit after being beaten by Schlupp last week, Not a Kalou knew they had to win to put the...
All on the Line
Following on from this week's results, we are no closer to knowing the destiny of the title, despite a gripping penultimate night of the season.The first two results of the night could be decisive with 2 Girls 1 Schlupp winning out 4-2 against their nearest challengers, Not a Kalou.  Could this...
New Division coming to Stroud
We are delighted to announce that with 3 new teams entering the Stroud league, that a new division will start on 15 October 2018.You can join us and be part of the action by signing up at  Sign up now to taker advantage of FREE Entry until 12 October.If you want to...