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Yate Monday Premier League Articles

Player Cards
Now your league is up and running, you can log in and complete your individual player cards, which can easily be set up via Facebook at the click of a button! This gives you the opportunity to use some of the fantastic features on our website, such as selecting which nation you would like to...
November Rain
The World's Largest Provider of Small-Sided Football is retrning Yate this November.Back at the Yate International Academy, Mondays are the place to be to play football in Yate.No need to travel to Bristol when the best football leagues are coming to town.Sign up now to take advantage of FREE Entry...
1st of Many
We are delighted to announce a first of a raft of new teams for our Yate League.  We welcome Exeter Gently to the world's biggest 5 and 6-a-side football providers.You can join them with the league now cheaper, bigger and better league.  Don't travel to Bristol when you can play in Ya...
Sign Me Up, Before September Ends
Don't sleepwalk through September, take advantage of the new season offers and join the World's Biggest and Best 6-a-side league.Join now at or contact the new manager of the area, Drew on 07538 474933
New Yate League
Want to test yourself against the best 5/6 a side players in your area? Want to play in a fun, competitive, well run league? Want to have the best equipment, qualified match officials and great prizes for winning your league, all for a reasonable price?   Well you’re in the righ...