September 18th 2020
Tamworth Borough Council Can't Stop 6 a side For All

Whilst Leisure Leagues continue to be obstructed by Tamworth Council at every turn as we try and bring affordable football to the area despite their best efforts to stifle competition and stop the community enjoying the supposed  community facilities at their venues – we are delighted to report at least one 6 a side league in the town is thriving.

A brand new season is kicking off, this Monday, which will bring vital fitness and camaraderie to the people of Tamworth.

The even better news  for the approximately 220 people who will be enjoying the games this Monday is that they are free, as Area Manager Greg Allen – who had his leagues so cruelly ripped away from him by Council Leader, Daniel Cook plus his acolyte and fellow Tory, John Chesworth, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Culture – explains: “We were extremely fortunate that a local sponsor was so outraged by the actions of Messrs Cook and Chesworth  that they came forward with the offer of free football to some of the thousands of local people that have been so terribly treated by their elected representatives. So the league will be free for all, the literal embodiment, if you like, of our philosophy as the largest provider of community sport in the world, that sport should be available to everyone.”

Even though the league, which is to be held at Landau Forte Academy from 7.30pm, is free for the season, teams will be still entered into the Leisure Leagues Prize Draw for the chance to massive win prizes.

Perhaps more crucially in these times, the league is Covid safe, unlike the ones at Tamworth Enterprise College. Shocking footage emerged this week of the lack of social distancing measures at the other leagues, something that Greg was quick to say wouldn’t be replicated at Woodhouse: “We are proud of the measures we have put in place, we are determined that the leagues should be safe, not just for the players but for the community too.”

Greg also praised the staff at Landau Forte, with whom Leisure Leagues have had a long association: “It’s great to be back,” said Greg, but more than that, its just great to be giving outdoor 6 a side football to Tamworth again, just like we should be!”

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