August 24th 2017
Partner Of The Month: Michael Drysdale

In this month’s Partner Of The Month feature, we talk to one of our partners in South Wales, Michael Drysdale.

Michael signed on as a partner in the spring of 2015 and in this feature he talks us through the highs, the occasional lows and his rapid expansion.

So Michael you’ve been with us for well over two years, how has that journey been for you?

It’s been full of highs and lows as is life itself. I was in the beginning, running the business along with studying full time at university; therefore, my time was stretched to say the least. The first 18 months were difficult but a great learning curve. The area we had invested in, wasn’t blessed with a great deal of all weather pitches; however, we persevered and things began to pick up. My partner Sylwia, has been incredible throughout this and a real inspiration. I have since graduated and we are now able to focus our attentions fully on the business. Additionally, there has been a huge increase of new 3/4G pitches within our area; which, has had a great affect on the participation levels in our leagues. Also, we bought a 2nd area at the end of 2016 and it has proved so far to be quite successful.

You’ve expanded in that time, was that always the plan?

I began my Leisure Leagues journey when I was living in Portsmouth. I was a league manager for a while there and loved it; later on I move to Southampton where Leisure Leagues are very successful and I began refereeing quite a bit. One of the guys that runs it (Steve), was great and gave me a lot of opportunity. After a while I enquired about buying that area but that wasn’t possible at that time. Shortly after this, we moved to Wales and then we began our own franchise journey. From the beginning, we have always wanted to be as big as we can be; so, yes! We did plan to expand and will go further, when the right opportunity is there.

One of the things you’ve done was to buy another area from an existing partner, what attracted you to that opportunity?

I know the guy well and knew him before he bought the area. In fact, I advised him on buying into Leisure Leagues in the first place. He was very keen to get involved and sought my advice almost daily. The area he bought, was somewhere that we had initially thought of buying anyway; so when the opportunity came along, we took it.

You were at the recent seminar, do you feel that meeting up with other partners is beneficial?

Yes! Absolutely, it can only benefit you to meet with fellow partners: we all have the same goal (excuse the pun). Modern advances are great, but I personally like to meet people and see their face etc… I remember a good handshake more than a text message. Also, you’re more likely to express your own ideas and thoughts in a group of like-minded people.

What are your plans for the future?

I am always working towards expanding the business and that hasn’t changed.

There must have been some rewarding moments in your time?

I think the most rewarding factor is seeing the amount of people turn up to our events and giving great feedback.

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