September 17th 2020
Tamworth Borough Council: Conservative Led Administration Demands Anti-Competition Agreement
Tamworth Borough Council

Conservative-controlled Tamworth Borough Council have asked Leisure Leagues to sign an anti-competitive agreement before they are considered to use the Council’s pitches at Tamworth Enterprise College.

The world’s largest provider of 6 a side football, who had a booking confirmed on the new Astroturf pitch at the college, only for the council to suddenly try and cancel the agreement last week, told the Midlands based firm, with decades of history in the town (including at one point having it’s Head Office there), that they were worried other league providers on the pitch would be squeezed by the competitive pricing of the of the market leading community sport brand.

Head of Media Andy Thorley said: “They told us that they wanted to protect the interests of the other people running leagues on the pitch, so we had to send them a document agreeing not to make any offers to the public, lower our prices or give the public any choice in who they wanted to play with. Coming from a Conservative -controlled council, it is rather bizarre that they want to introduce anti-competitive measures to ensure that the public don’t get best value for money.”

The anti-competitive agreement would have meant that the prices for matches in the leagues would have remained high and couldn’t have been lowered.

Mr Thorley said: “Not only are the public being denied a choice, the council are effectively saying that they want the public to pay more for using the pitch. For some reason, the council don’t want proper competitiveness, but simply want to line the pockets of the other two league organisers, which makes you wonder what their motive is behind all this.”

Leisure Leagues is the only league provider of the three with a commitment to donate profits to charities and good causes.

Tamworth Borough Council have refused to speak to leisure leagues since 18 August and the leader of the council, Daniel Cook, refused to make any comment, when we asked him for a response last week.

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