Sports 4 Schools

Sports 4 Schools
Sports4Schools aims to get kids active, giving them the equipment needed to play sport they might not think to play. We at Leisure Leagues want to give children the opportunity to take up an active sport.

Sports4Schools are offering FREE sports equipment to the value of £500 to Successful applicants and Leisure Leagues have committed and pledged £250,000 to the sport4schools programme over a period of 5 years.

How to apply for free sports equipment. 3 simple steps:

Download an application form, complete it and send it to

Our dedicated sports4schools team will assess your application

If your application is successful we will send your free sports equipment out.

All schools who apply for the free sports equipment automatically receives a discount code of 10% off all items listed on our dedicated shop. Even if your application isn’t successful you still benefit from this exclusive deal.

Our sport4schools programme is open to every school in the UK.

Each application is individual assessed and marked to see if it reaches our criteria. Should your application be successful we then liaise with you to tailor what equipment you require for your school. If your application isn’t successful this time round, then don’t worry, you can apply again in 6 months.