April 3rd 2019

After the excitement of last month’s draw when the star prize was finally won, the big question on the lips of the thousands watching was simply this: it couldn’t happen again, could it?

The answer, in the end, was no, and there is still a holiday to Germany up for grabs, but that didn’t stop the prize draw being a real thriller.

As ever, it was a game of two halves two halves. First off, the wooden spoon saw Chicken Tikka Mo Salah emerge “Victorious” for want of a better word, although, whether the whole team will want to share a Mankini is open to suggestion….

The second part of the first draw saw the MVP’s under the spotlight. Tay Eaton from Hello You Kante in our Southampton Thursday league will be delighted with his Kit Bag lucky dip.

After that, there was a quick switch of balls and we were back live for the main draw.

First came the Runners Up. Fritzl Palace, from Solihull Monday can toast their success with 150 cans of lager (maybe not in one night…..) and then it was the staff’s turn to do the challenge.

This month’s challenge saw our intrepid duo, Phil and Jon see who could pull tissues out of their package, the quickest. Jon obviously has more….tissues experience….as it were, and won the day.

The big news, though, was the prize for the audience member who picked the right winner. How does a 1994 Aston Villa shirt signed by Big Ron himself sound?! Pretty good, right?! Well, only with Leisure Leagues can you get this sort of thing… and just for saying which member of our staff would pull more hankies out of a box.

We weren’t finished there, either. And one of our Senior Area Manager’s Greg was tasked with seeing how many Leisure Leagues shirts he could put on in 60 seconds. The answer was 7 and the viewer who predicted that will be kicking around with Champions League ball. Provided we can tackle Lionel Messi first. We’re working on it and will have the ball in the post.

All of which was a lead up to the tumultuous conclusion of the winner’s prize extravaganza. All of the League winners from our network in March were there and Chorley Monday’s You Look Good On Zidane’s Floor were the lucky ones to be pulled out.

All the prizes were there too and they got themselves a day out for a special Football Experience.

The next instalment of the prize draw is scheduled to be in early May, keep an eye on Facebook for more details as they’re announced.

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