Leisure Leagues FAQ's

General FAQs

Aren't all league providers the same?
The short answer to that is no. We are very proud of the differences in organisation that make us market leaders. Whether it is the discipline, the teams in kit, the pitches properly marked out. We do it to make it better for you. Don't just take our word for it, though. Check out the The Leisure Leagues Experience
How do I register my team for a league?
If you are looking to register for one of our leagues, it's a really quick and simple process. Click join a league, fill out the form, and we will give you a call.
Is there any information I need, as a new team, prior to starting in my league?
This video details all the information you need to know as a new team playing at Leisure Leagues:

Are Ladies and Mixed Teams Allowed
Yes, absolutely. Even before the success of the Lionesses, we were encouraging ladies football. Anyone over 16 can play.
What if we are scheduled to play a Points Match on the fixtures?
A Points Match, or space in the league usually occurs when we have to remove a team, usually because they may have a poor disciplinary record. In this instance, while we are waiting for a new team to join in that space, you will be required to turn up and play opponents that we arrange for you. You should turn up at your normal time on the fixtures. If you turn up and play the Points Match then you will receive a 5-0 win. If you do not turn up for the match then you will have a 5-0 loss recorded against your team. You will also be liable to pay the match fee the following week for that game, i.e. two match fees.
I Don't Have a Full Team, Can I Still Join?
Yes, we welcome single players into all our leagues! Find the league that suits you best, and click Join. You'll then have the option to join as a single player. We will then give you a call and sort you out with a team
If we haven’t got our full match fee can we still play and pay it next week?
No. The Referee will not start your match unless you pay the full match fee online before kick off
What if we cannot fulfil a fixture because we are on holiday?
During July and September we appreciate that many teams go on holiday. On this basis if you give us one weeks notice then we can usually help you. We look at each circumstance individually. If you cancel a match for any other reason, then you will be liable to pay the full match fee and you will also lose the game you have cancelled. You may also be removed from the league. It is always better to contact our office and to speak to your League Manager if you have a problem fulfilling a fixture.
How Can I Contact You?
You can do it via the Contact Us Form on the website, email to [email protected] or we are on all the major social media networks - links are at the bottom of the page
If we don’t get a game one week, what will happen?
This is rare but if it does happen then your Area Manager will call you the day after the league takes place and the position will be explained to you along with an apology.
Can I pay Cash For My Game
No. All our leagues are cashless. Any member of the team can pay for the fixtures, but it must be done online.
What if i have a complaint about my league?
We take complaints very seriously. To make a complaint, write to the Chief Executive Officer at the address that is on the Contact Page. You will also receive a personal response from a senior manager should you have anything that you are unhappy about.
Where can I see the full rules and regulations?
Please find our full rules and regulations in this helpful video click here

League Facts

Are the leagues indoor or outdoor?
Nearly all of our leagues are 5 or 6-a-side and are played mainly outdoors on brand new all weather pitches. However we also run a selection of high quality indoor leagues.
Is there an entry fee & how much are games?
For most leagues there is an entry fee but for some we have offers of a reduced price or in some instances we will offer this for free. The cost of matches each week typically varies from around £18 - £34 for the whole team, which can be paid online or to the Match Night Supervisor at the league before your game each week.
Are the leagues affiliated?
Leisure Leagues is not affiliated to any governing body, but we do work with many around the world including UK Socca.
How long does a season last?
This depends on how many teams are in each division, but usually a season lasts about 14 weeks. We operate rolling seasons meaning after your current league season ends a new one will commence the following week.
How many teams are in each division?
Generally, there are 6-12 teams in each division. However, in the early grading leagues, this may differ slightly.
Will there be a promotion & relegation?
Yes, two teams are promoted and relegated. However, if the team has won/lost a division by a large margin, we reserve the right to re-grade that team.
How many players can be used in one game?
8 players can be used in 5-a-side games (5+3 subs) 9 players can be used in 6-a-side games (6+3 subs)
Can we use more than 8/9 players in the season?
Thanks to our unique 'flexi-squad' system you can use any amount of players. See full rules for further details.
Can we choose the kick-off times we play?
All teams play a selection of kick offs within the league. However, if you have specific requests then please let your League Manager know at the start of the season and we will do our best accommodate.
How long are the games?
Each game is played in a 30 or 40 minute slot, depending on the league you play in. And will last 26 or 36 minutes.
What happens if our opposition doesn't turn up?
This is very rare but if it does then a Match Night Supervisor or referee will arrange a friendly game for you.
What happens if a team drops out of the league?
This happens rarely, but if it does then we will invariably replace them. If this cannot be done then a points match (friendly) will be arranged, your team will automatically win this game 5-0. Please note all points matches must be paid for in full.
What happens if our team cannot fulfill a fixture?
You must give the required 7 days cancellation notice to cancel any fixture that your team cannot fulfill, if not, your team do unfortunately get charged their match fee for the cancellation and you also lose the game 5-0.
What happens if my team need to vacate the league?
Teams that wish to vacate the league must provide 14 days notice and play out the two week notice period.
Do you supply the match ball?
Yes, we supply all necessary equipment. We use professional quality balls for all of our leagues.
Do you supply the referee?
Yes, we supply a fully qualified official for all of our matches.
What type of footwear can be worn?
As there are a number of different pitch types ranging from water based astro to 5G astro. This makes every venue unique and it differs as to what is allowed or disallowed. You can view the acceptable footwear at your venue by viewing the relevant league page.
Do we require matching shirts?
All teams must wear matching colours. This could be your own kit or same coloured shirts, our referee will supply you with bibs if necessary.
Are shin pads compulsory?
No, but it is advisable, all players play at their own risk.