January 3rd 2020
Burn The Calories - At A Leisure League Near You

What if we told you there was a way to burn over 5000 calories and still have fun with your mates?

A way that could – on average – see you do 101,640 steps in a season (this might be a lot more if you have Mesut Ozil in your midfield and you have to do all his running….)

Or what about if we explained that there was a way that you can do this for 14 weeks without the grind of going to the gym in the cold every morning before you go to work?

…..well there is.

Because wherever there’s a you, there’s a Leisure Leagues competition, and it’s the ideal way to keep fit this January.

We know what it’s like.

You woke up on January 1st, with a hangover and you thought: “2020 is the year that I am going to get fit”. So you went to the gym and you took the expensive membership out, didn’t you?

And I’ll bet you’ll go next week, right?

Yeah, maybe.

How about this instead? You ring some of your mates, join a 6 a side football league and play some sport next week. That’s much better.

That’s what we’d do too!

In a season with us, you’ll burn off three full Domino’s Large Pizzas, 59 KFC Hot Wings or 17 McDonald’s Cheese Burgers (which to be fair, to some of the staff at LL sounds like a good night….)

There’s been studies on this, so don’t just take our word for it: Professor Peter Krustrup, from Copenhagen University has made a living out of studying 6 a side football, but he’s not bothered about the goals, the tackles, or the refs. Instead, he only cares about one thing: the health benefits:

And you’d best believe that the Professor reckons that small-sided football is the most beneficial pastime there is.

It helps, he says with blood pressure, weight loss, fat loss, metal health and it’s good for the cardio too.

Oh, and by the way, it’s fun – and even if we say it ourselves, we at Leisure Leagues are the best at running leagues in the world.

Where others imitate, we innovate. And now, we are good for you too.

Find a league by you here – and forget that gym nonsense now.

There’s only one way to get match fit. Get on the pitch and make it happen.

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