March 29th 2018
Cobras Reunited Take The Star Prize As The First Draw Takes Place

The first ever Leisure Leagues prize draw took place at Head Office and was a massive success.

Watched by thousands on Facebook, the draws for Wooden Spoon Winners, Player Of The Season, Runners Up, and the League winners were all done, and some massive prizes were given away  – as we were joined by special guests Luca Modric, the Easter Bunny and Borat (possibly….) amidst raucous scenes.

First out of the bowl were Static Electrical City from Margate, who finished bottom but still walked away with £50 as the wheel landed on the star prize.

Next up, half an hour later was the MVP draw, won by Gaz Hannaby, from Maltby’s Here For The Beer, who will be getting a replica shirt of his choice courtesy of Leisure Leagues.

Then, the big ones:

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo from the Warwick League, were the lucky team picked out in the runners up draw and they will be enjoying the £150 of Wetherspoon’s Vouchers no doubt, then at midday came the winners’ turn.

With the chance to go to Germany on holiday hanging tantalisingly in the air, Cobra’s Reunited – drawn out by Borat –  were no doubt waiting with baited breath, but they were at the mercy of lady luck and the star prize – courtesy of our partners UhlSport –  remained unclaimed as the wheel landed on the top of the range iPad.

The draw will next take place on 1st May where it will move to its regular spot of the first Tuesday of the month thereafter..

To be part of it, all you need to do is give our Facebook page a like.


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