March 24th 2020

After Covid-19, there will be football.

That’s the simple message from the World’s Largest Provider of Small Sided Soccer, as the country tries to get used to the lockdown.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson – who has given his support to Leisure Leagues – addressed the nation last night and announced new measures designed to combat the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

As we announced last week, Leisure Leagues would follow Government guidelines, and we have now, along with other major companies of all sectors, announced the temporary suspension of all our activities. That means that football and netball leagues in the UK, Ireland and Guernsey will not run until at least April 14th. Individual information relating to your league will be posted on your league page.

A spokesman added: “Whilst we had hoped to keep running where it was possible, given the emphasis that even last night, Mr. Johnson placed on physical fitness, that is not possible anymore. Clearly, the best thing for the country as a whole at this stage is that we don’t run for at least three weeks.”

But the spokesman added that Leisure Leagues were already making plans to resume the leagues as soon as possible.

“Our promise is a simple one,” he said. “When all this is over – and it will be over – we will be back, exactly the same as before, providing crucial community focus and fitness all over the world.”

He explained further; “After this lockdown is lifted, sport will be even more vital than it had been before. Physical and mental health will be affected in the most unprecedented way by all this, and it is up to companies like Leisure Leagues to help and be at the forefront of the nation’s recovery, and truly bring the nation back together.”

If you need us, we are available on the phone on 0333 123 2340, email or on all our social media channels, where the team will be doing their best to make you smile in these dark times.

For health information and advice, head to the NHS website, while the government’s recommendations can be found HERE.

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