November 5th 2021

Leisure Leagues have been praised, by one of the top referees in the world, for putting their zero tolerance approach to ill-discipline into practice again this week.

Footballers in Dunstable have been flocking back to the Monday night league at Creasey Park Community Football Centre after the removal of Dunny Hatterz a few days ago, after their behaviour was deemed unacceptable by league staff.

Area Manager Hollie Thorp explained: “It was disappointing to hear of the red card shown to the players from the side for their conduct during their match which has resulted in a permanent ban and fine to the team.”

She added: “We won’t allow anyone to spoil the community spirit of our leagues, it is absolutely vital that everyone is welcomed and included, and as Dunny Hatterz can testify, if anyone falls below those standards then they don’t play in our leagues for long.”

They have received support for this from one of their ambassadors too. Mark Clattenburg  – the former Premier League, Champions League and European Championship referee – who said: “this is the sort of thing that sets Leisure Leagues apart, and is an example of their commitment to discipline.”

Teams are now invited to join the league for the new season – with a second division due to kick off soon.

There is Free Entry on the league at the moment (a saving of £65), with Hollie saying: “It’s the least we could do with the last season maybe not being as enjoyable as it should have been for people, so let’s get it back to what it should be.”

Join the most community focussed and best league in Dunstable:

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