November 2nd 2020
Elite Sport Yes. Amateur Sport No. It’s The Wrong Way Round
Elite Sport

You might have thought that with no sign of a vaccine or cure for Covid 19, getting the nation fit – and not elite sport – would be the absolute priority.

Even Boris Johnson himself felt he thought he had coronavirus worse because he was overweight and not fit.

So why on earth would you take away everything, in fact the only thing, that we as a country have in our armoury to fight this dreadful illness?

In Leisure Leagues alone we have over 200,000 players getting regular exercise each week. We know that over 85% of them do not do any other form of physical exercise, with 34% of them being classed as obese. These are the very people who are going to get Covid 19 worst, and it is precisely because they are not doing enough exercise and engaging in physical activity regularly.

 So what do the Government to do? They say to these people they cannot continue to get fit in the activity, the only activity, that they actually want to do.

Yet the very people in our society, the elite sports people, can continue to get even fitter. Isn’t it completely the wrong way round?

Organisations such as Leisure Leagues have made sure their activities are Covid secure, most notably in ensuring every single player pays online before their match.

In small sided football players do not change indoor, but come ready to play. They do not shower at the venue but simply get in their own car and go straight home.

Yet for elite sport we know that they usually do change and shower at the venue they are at, although doubtless there are Covid secure policies in place.

 So why would you stop overweight and inactive people from getting fitter, which at the moment is the only way to beat the deadly disease?

It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

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