July 11th 2016
A Disappointing Victory : Portugal Win Euro 2016
Portugal celebrating euro 2016 victory

So congratulations to Portugal on their first ever major tournament win, but it was a Euro 2016 final that left more questions than answers.

Questions like:
When was the last good final of a big competition?
How good a captain’s performance did Ronaldo put in even though he wasn’t playing?
How come Eder couldn’t do that for Swansea?
Why didn’t Martial come on before he did?
How good a player is Pepe when he stops acting like an idiot?
Is Paul Pogba really worth £100m?

But other ones too, such as:
Why did Ricardo Quaresma have his hair cut like that, was it for a bet?
Why have players started wearing odd boots with different colours?
Has the world truly gone mad when Ronaldo’s moth has nearly 10,000 Twitter followers at the time of writing?

Ultimately though (except in Wales, obviously) surely it’s a tournament that won’t be particularly fondly remembered – and not just by England fans. The games haven’t been great, the football pretty dull, with not many goals and not a lot of excitement to be had anywhere. Portugal especially decided to value function over form, showing that unfortunately sometimes what works isn’t what we all wanted to see. The team was built around solidly and well organized defence, with players like Pepe making sure this would be successful.

We’ll still all be excited for the World Cup in two years time though – and at least Chris Coleman’s men can say they were knocked out by the winnera.

By the way, just in case you are already getting withdrawal symptoms at the prospect of no football on telly for a bit, don’t worry, it’s under a month until the Football League season kicks off and the Premier league will be underway in less than five weeks.

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