August 3rd 2020
Faversham 6 a side Starts, Kilkenny 6 a side Expands: Welcome To The Family

We were absolutely delighted to welcome hundreds of new players into our league network yesterday, as one league started and another extended.

The Faversham competition at Abbey School in Kent became the first league we have began from scratch since the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted last week, and the grading week proved a massive hit with the community, with spectators coming along to support the teams – socially distanced, of course!

Area Manager Adam Glover explained why the Faversham League had begun in such a way: “We wanted to ensure the league was a real focus for everyone so we were keen that people were grouped with their abilities in mind. We didn’t want teams to be coming down and losing every week – especially not now when the leagues are performing such a vital fitness function,” he said.

When the leagues do kick off next week, Faversham AFC (pictured above) will be in the Premier League and could be a force, as they won 4-0 against Hurlimenn.

There were wins for Narm FC and Blue Lines, and a real ding-dong 3-3 draw between No Way and Canterbury FC, which will live long in the memory of both.

There is still availability for new teams to join ahead of the big kick off this coming Sunday. You can do that here

Across the Irish Sea, almost 500 miles away, the new season in the Kilkenny league was kicking off, with an extended competition.

The League – at Watershed Sports Centre – now houses more than 150 regular players after the expansion. It was one of the first leagues to restart (the regulations have been different over in Ireland) but the clamour to join has resulted in the need to house new teams, as Area Manager, Ashlee Parker told us: “Almost as soon as we started again we were taking enquiries. It’s been great to see and we’ve been delighted to add more teams.”

It was one of the newbies that took the eye too, with Benteke Fried Chicken beating Pique Blinders 5-1.

Last seasons winners, Gaelic Utilities, put their marker down, though, and saw off the experienced Jay1Jay1 outfit 4-1.

The league win will see Utilities in the next Prize Draw for a chance to win a trip to a game in one of Europe’s top leagues.

The draw will be a welcome return, having been replaced by lockdown specials during the Coronavirus pandemic.

To join the Kilkenny league you can go here.

For more information on the prize draw click here.

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