April 12th 2018
Foxtrot Dance To Wetherspoon's After Prize Draw Win

Foxtrot Uniform, Charlie, Kilo, from our Warwick League, have plenty of opportunity to celebrate after scooping the runners-up prize in the recent draw.

What’s more, if you are in the vicinity of a Weatherspoon’s in the Midlands, you might be in luck yourself as the boys have £150 worth of vouchers to spend in there!

Before they got too carried away we grabbed a word with a couple of their players this week at the presentation. They were quick to praise the competition – widely recognised as one of our flagship events: “It’s a great night out” he said – at least we hope he meant the action at Aylesford School and not the Wetherspoon’s – with one of his team mates chipping in that: “they are the best leagues around!”

Foxtrot Uniform, Charlie Kilo were the first winners of the Leisure Leagues runners-up prize draw and opting to take their chances on the spin of a wheel, instead of taking usual medals paid off for the team now looking forward to the big night out. The concept is simple and as Jack put it: “We entered the draw and luckily enough we won!”

There’s only one way to join them – and that’s to win or finish runners up in your league. Like us on Facebook and be part of the next Live Draw on May 1st.

The top prize in the winners draw is a holiday worth £12,000 to Germany to take in a Bundesliga game.

Be part of it here.

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