May 30th 2018

Leisure Leagues MVP award winner, Curtis Bradshaw said: “I am going to have bit of fun!” as he took his delivery of the prize at the league.

Curtis, from Weston Super Mare, plays a couple of nights a week at Worle School, but won the award for his exploits in his Sunday team, Nextsix and Chill.

After winning the player of the season, he was picked out in the recent live draw at Leisure Leagues Head Office, and the wheel landed on 24 cans of Stella.

According to Leisure Leagues who operates the leagues in the area, Curtis’ win is testament to the new prize draw. He added: “I’d encourage everyone to enter and take the opportunity to win some really excellent prizes.”

As for the player himself, he has definite plans for the haul: “I am sure we will have a bit of fun,” he smiled, as our cameras captured the presentation.

The MVP award is only open to players that have filled in their Player Card on the system. Anyone that has – and then wins the most man of the match awards in a season – is eligible to be entered for the Prize Draw.

The next Live Prize Draw takes place at on 5th June at 6pm and will be broadcast live on Facebook. All you need to do is like the page and be part of it!

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