November 15th 2019

The Leisure Leagues powered World Cup, made dreams come true for people on every continent. It provided the pinnacle of sporting lives for players from Pakistan to Peru, from Mexico to Morocco.

And that is shown in the action that is here, on the Goal Of The Tournament selection that went live on our social media this week.

These are the skills of ordinary people in leagues from everywhere around the world, those who got the chance in the World Cup in Rethmyno to be right at the centre of the sporting world for eight glorious days in Crete.

And the skills they produced in the matches, the memories that were made, will live long in to the future, so that players like Marc Bafuidi Luyindula – goal number one here – and Mexican hotshot Daniel Robeldo (the only player on here with two goals and who plays in Leisure Leagues Mexico) can sit there in years to come maybe telling their grandchildren about the time when they scored one of the greatest goals in the history of their country.

If I am honest, my favourite is number nine, but never mind that, we want you to pick the one you like best.

Pick here and vote for your top strike

All you need to do is to head over to Facebook and get commenting.

But it is important to remember that it doesn’t matter who emerges victorious really, just by taking part everyone was a winner.

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