April 16th 2021
Goals Hull Teams Find New Home

One of the success stories after lockdown has been Hull where our leagues has been able to offer a home to all the teams affected by the closure of goals. 50 odd teams, nearly 1000 players all playing up there.

Leisure Leagues Partner Support Manager, Jon D’Arcy has helped oversee the expansion with Area Manager Michael Clark, and he said it had been a fantastic boost for the area: “The fact so many teams are now able to find the vital fitness and health benefits is brilliant. It is particularly pleasing that we can offer all the teams affected by the closure Goals a new home. I don’t think people truly understand the camaraderie that exists in a football league and how people miss it when it isn’t there.”

The leagues were first announced just before Christmas, but lockdowns meant a delay in starting, but since they were able to kick off in April, there have been an incredible amount of teams that have joined the competitions.

They are still open to new teams,  and a list of leagues is below.


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