May 28th 2020
unleash the inner beast

With lockdown slowly coming to an end following today’s announcement, and as the government announces its War On Fat, the world’s largest sports league provider said simply: Let’s get back to health together. Feel fitter, stronger, happier, every time you play.

Boris Johnson said after his own spell in intensive care – it got so touch and go that aides had prepared to announce his death to the country – that it was made worse by his obesity. Now Leisure Leagues has told the country: commit to be fit with us.

Thoughts are already turning to the Nation’s physical well-being after Covid-19. While mental health has been at the forefront of minds, with people keeping in touch with family by zoom calls an social media, there is no doubt that the inactivity brought on by months on end of watching Nextflix on TV has left us facing a health crisis at a time when services are stretched to breaking point anyway.

However, according to Leisure Leagues Andy Thorley, that will see the community 6 a side football leagues that Leisure Leagues operate become ever more vital, as the lockdown ends in the coming days.

“Absolutely,” he stated. “We have always been proud to run leagues that are the most important focal points for people. As we look to come out of Covid-19, they will be more than that. They could very well become the single most important fitness tool people have.”

With a million players worldwide on five continents, Leisure Leagues represents the largest league network on the planet, and as Andy explained: “We are, wherever we are in the world, all in this together. If the crisis has taught us one thing, then surely it is that, there is more that unites us than divides us, and all our players – wherever they are in the world – are ready to hit the net with their friends and family again.”

The health benefits of 6 a side football are well known. Studies have shown that 6 a side is better for the health than a trip to the gym, but as Andy said: “Irrespective of that, our leagues, with them being outdoors and with all the precautions we will be putting in place, are safer than the gym anyway – and better value, of course. “

Leisure Leagues is planning a post-lockdown expansion, with new leagues in the pipeline for all areas of the UK and Ireland, with Andy adding: “There will be thousands of new players everywhere, all enjoying the unique atmosphere of a 6 a side league. We have had venues ringing us and begging us to help them help their communities. We are only too willing, we cannot wait to see the nation getting back to health with our help.”

To find a league near you, and to begin your own journey back to top fitness, then click here.

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