October 15th 2020
Kirby Muxloe 6 a side League Makes The Grade

Since lockdown ended and leagues were able to resume, we have been delighted to welcome well over 2500 new teams to the Leisure Leagues UK network, as we enjoy a record breaking autumn.

The latest of these new competitions saw us kicking off in Kirby Muxloe this week, with almost 300 players getting a vital fitness fix at the wonderful, state of the art new pitches at Kirby Muxloe FC.

The night went brilliantly, as Area Manager, Greg Allen told us: “It was perfect. Wonderful facilities and some fantastic games. It is the first time we’ve been to Kirby Muxloe and it is fantastic that the town has already taken us to their hearts in the way they have. We look forward to Monday nights becoming a real heartbeat for the town.”

There have been so many teams looking to join the league that Leisure Leagues used the first week as a so called “grading week” to make sure teams were all grouped against the right standard. A move that was vital according to Greg: “We want this league to be as accessible as possible for everyone,” he said. “And that means everyone has to enjoy it too. There’s nothing worse than teams who maybe haven’t played the game for ages struggling against really excellent players. This way we can keep it fair for everyone.”

Those high end players do have an extra incentive to impress, though as thanks to Leisure Leagues unique position as the driving force behind the ISF and the license holders for the Home Nations 6 a side teams means that the best players could find themselves playing in the World Cup next year, with Greg adding: “Millions watched the world cup in 2019, and it will be an incredible opportunity for our players from Kirby Muxloe to do something incredible.

The league kicks off with the first round of games on Monday and you can still join for free here: https://www.leisureleagues.net/league/kirby-muxloe-fc/kirby-muxloe-monday

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