February 15th 2018
League Spotlight: Birmingham University Sunday

From one of our newest leagues to one of our oldest, and in a week where the second city took the football spotlight with one of the bitterest derbies in the country, it is only right that the Birmingham Sunday competition takes centre stage too.

For two decades the league at the University has been one of the best and biggest that Leisure Leagues operates. Some of the teams have been playing in it for many, many years, and still come back each week to renew rivalries. At the top of the Premier League, it has been a case of “Powering Up”, with Power one of just two teams in all five divisions to have won all eight games so far.

Already one of the most prestigious competitions we run, the league has, in recent months improved still further.  It has moved to the brand new, state of the art Sports Complex that the university has recently opened and there is no doubt the football has benefited. We always do our best to make sure the leagues are played on the very best facilities there is to offer, and this most certainly is the case here.

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