July 8th 2016
Leisure Leagues' Fantasy Football Team

The Euro 2016 hype is slowly dying down. We know how important it is to prepare your fantasy teams however, so we’re looking towards the future. There will be a new Premier League season coming up, and this is one of the most important times to plan ahead to secure your fantasy team’s number one spot.

Whatever the venue of the fantasy football game you play. You’re after the points – that means you want the very best value players across the field. Luckily, us and our whole Leisure Leagues team are fantasy football fanatics and are ready to share all of our valuable tips. We know just how important it is to beat your mates.


The perfect team needs a goalie that has a good defensive line, meaning that the goalkeeper doesn’t have a chance to let any goals through. You also need to consider if they’re able to stop a penalty consistently.

Our choice is David de Gea, he’s one of the best goalkeepers in the world and has had an amazing performance with previous seasons, with highlights like the game versus Everton in the semi-finals where he saved a penalty. We reckon he’ll be performing well as the season goes on (as usual).


Defenders are quite a complicated choice. They need to be a clean, legitimate tackler as to not receive cards and lose points. Are they a frequent free kick or penalty taker?

Hector Bellerin had a stellar performance in the 2015-16 season, providing more assists than any other defender. He’s proved himself as an outstanding player and has shown excellent performances throughout his career.


Midfielders are a very important choice. You want the kind that scores and gets assists without aggressively charging into the other teams’ players!

Our pick is Eden Hazard, renowned by some as one of the best players in the world. He’s a world class player and has seen great praise whilst at Chelsea. He’s known for resisting dispossession and finishing expertly.


This one may seem obvious – they need to score goals. It’s important to take into consideration the team as they need to be feeding it to this player, allowing them to do their job efficiently and consistently.

Our pick is Jamie Vardy, one of the heroes of last season. We all know how good he is so we don’t have to go into detail. The only possible concern is his high cost, but we think its worth it to get the consistent high performance of Vardy.

Hopefully this helps you out, we’re excited for what the season brings and will be aiming to take our fantasy team to the very top! We know there’s some stuff we may have missed so please go ahead and share your nuggets of info, we’re looking to do well too!

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