July 26th 2017
Leisure Leagues Grand Latour

Leisure Leagues took another giant leap forward last weekend, when our partners and top match officials gathered for the first ever Leisure Leagues Partner Seminar.

The event, held at one of Birmingham’s most prestigious facilities, Hotel Latour, saw over 60 of our Partners and Elite Match Officials meet – many for the first time – and swap ideas, as well as hearing all about our recent improvements and future plans.

The delegation, which included partners from the North and South of Ireland as well as referees from all corners of the UK, learnt about the lavish launch of Leisure Leagues Pakistan, our involvement in the Star Sixes event, future improvements to the website and a range of other expansion plans.

A spokesman said the event was a tremendous success and said it was vital that the meetings took place: “We are proud of our position as the market leaders in small sided football, but if we are to continue as the best, then we need the very, very best people.

“There is no doubt that the partners and staff that were at the seminar will be the fulcrum of our development. It is people like this that will drive our business forward.”

The seminars will become a regular event on the calendar, with the next one planned to take place around Christmas time.

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