April 27th 2017
Leisure Leagues Makes It's Mark

“Leisure Leagues perform a vital role in bringing people together….”

We know that already,  and we are extremely proud of the fact we have leagues up and down the country – and these days all over the world – provide sport and vital activity to people from all different religions, races and backgrounds. However, it is especially gratifying when the work we do is noticed by others, as it was a few weeks ago.

Those kind words above came from the MP for Rugby, Mark Pawsey, when our cameras caught up with him recently.

Mark – as you would expect given his background more likely to be found in a scrum than in the 6 yard box and plays for the House of Commons Rugby team – a fact he acknowledged himself, joking: “As the MP for Rugby and a keen rugby enthusiast,  I usually play my sport with an oval ball!” but was quick to praise the 6 a side football that we provide to people of his town and beyond.

“I know that [6 a side] soccer is a sport that has grown tremendously, and there is a great deal that can be done [through] sport”

This includes the health benefits. Crucial benefits which are ever more acute given the pressures on the NHS, a fact that Mr. Pawsey was quick to recognise: “We have to keep people fit and I know that making it easy for people to carry out sport is incredibly important.”

Mr Pawsey is uniquely placed to speak on the importance of sport to the town. His father, Jim, was also the MP for the area from 1979 to 1997, spanning the entire length of the Conservative Government of the period, having started his political life in the 1960s.

Between them the two have given 50 years of service to the town, with Mark being elected to the council in 2002, before becoming the MP in 2010. He held the seat at the last election in 2015, increasing his majority.

In addition to proudly representing Rugby Mark is active on a number of all party groups. This busy schedule was placed under the spotlight in this Day In The Life Documentary.


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