September 20th 2018

It’s not often that the Mansfield Tuesday 6 a side league at Brunt’s School, gets to set the news agenda, but it did this week as the BBC’s Brexit Bus made a stop.

The BBC Campervan is on a tour of Britain throughout the week to get the views of voters with six months to go before we leave the EU.

When they got to Mansfield on Tuesday, they staged a special football match between between last years top two, Mansfield Eagles – a team of Polish descent – and Ohana United, a team made up of both remain and leave voters.

The game –  just like Brexit it might be said – ended in something of a stalemate, as there were no winners in a goalless draw, but the cameras kept rolling afterwards as presenter Jim Connolly gauged all the thoughts from the players concerned.

Our cameras were on hand to capture the evening, you can see this and a lot more on our YouTube Channel

It is only with Leisure Leagues where you can get your voices heard. When the BBC come looking for the best, they find us.

But, however good we are, we probably can’t fix Brexit, we’ll stick to just running the best leagues in Britain, before March next year and beyond.

For more information on the Mansfield Tuesday league here

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