August 7th 2020
Leisure Leagues: Setting the Trend

At Leisure Leagues we are the innovators, the market leaders, where we lead others follow.

Even allowing for that, though we are delighted to be bucking one more trend  – starting more and more leagues up and down the country.

We have been delighted to kick off our leagues bringing football to people in communities across Britain and Ireland, enabling people everywhere to get the camaraderie and fitness they have missed during lockdown, but even more, we are thrilled that so many new teams are signing up.

Hundreds of new teams have flocked to the world’s largest provider of 6 a side football in the last few weeks, as brand new competitions spring up everywhere.

Guernsey, the first one back post-lockdown, soon had to have an extra night to accommodate the clamour, while over in Ireland, Kilkenny has been able to house hundreds of new players.

As we reported on Monday, the brand new league in Faversham started last Sunday (and many more sides have signed up for that one this week too!) now we can reveal yet another boost for the people of Kent. A brand new – extra – league in Gillingham.

There has been a popular competition on a Monday night for years, now, from September onwards, it will be joined by a Sunday league.

Adam Glover, Area Manager for both leagues said he was delighted and added: “The appetite for football that people in Kent particularly, and the rest of the country more generally,  have shown since we started to return to normality, has been incredible.

“What it has shown us, more than anything, is just what an important role these competitions play in people’s lives. It has strengthened our resolve to keep pushing forward and improving.”

Amongst those innovations were the brand new Player Cards feature we unveiled in the Spring, and more recently the Pay For Games feature has meant that anyone can pay by card for matches, not just the captain, which is vital in the fight to ensure the leagues are as safe as possible in the “new normal”.

So to join the millions of players in our league network and find the one closest to you, click here:

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