May 12th 2020

Ok. It’s Tuesday night. You’ve watched all the good stuff on Netflix, you can’t face another quiz on Zoom, and your liver would probably thank you for an evening off.

Your mind is probably turning back to earlier in the year, when you and your mates were down at the local 3G playing football, living your dreams, having your own cup final. When you were the star.

You were playing in Leisure Leagues. You miss it. You miss your mates. You miss the match.

We know. We miss it too. We miss you.

We are very proud of all of you and the sacrifices we have all made – and are still making –  to get through this. We are proud of our community leagues, and the way they bring people together. Even in the age of social distancing, we continue to do just that, albeit digitally, with our social media. FacebookTwitter and Instagram all have great content every day to brighten your wait for the new normal to begin.

When Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the country on Sunday he set out a “roadmap to the end of lockdown” and from tomorrow, people are allowed unlimited exercise in parks and open spaces with members of their own household.

That means the glorious day will soon be with us when you will be back on the pitch. So get ready.

You are like a caged animal, we want you to unleash that inner beast, until then, we are here for you in a different way.

To find a league near you and enter beast mode click here:

Andy Thorley

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