November 23rd 2020
Let Some Light In After Lockdown. Leisure Leagues Is Back!
unleash the inner beast

Let the games begin!

That’s the clear message from us tonight after Boris Johnson announced Leisure Centres and Sports Facilities could reopen after lockdown. That means after 4 long weeks we can finally say these words: 6 a side football is coming home on December 2nd.

The announcement is the perfect pre-Christmas boost to our hundreds of thousands of players across the country.

Ready to get the nation fit, ready to let you get your football fix, and ready to keep leading the way.  Another month of inactivity is far too long, we know, but don’t worry, we are going to help you shed the pounds and improve your mental health with some of the camaraderie that only 6 a side football can give – just like we did last time.

Wherever you play with us, your league will be subject to the same post Covid-19 guidelines  as before and with the new Pay for Games feature that we were running before Lockdown 2,it is now even easier for players to ensure they have the match fee ready as it is no longer just the captain that can play for games.

These new rules and the new payment feature are familiar to all of you and resulted in a record month for us in September, with more teams entering than ever before.

Finally, we say to all our thousands of teams in England: Thank you for your patience over the last long three weeks when we have done as much as we can to keep us all together and we look forward to having you all back on the pitch. We know you’ve been caged up, but now the light is coming out of the darkness.

After tonight, of course, the countdown is on and we can get back to doing what we do better than anyone else: bringing communities together with the best sport in the world.

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