April 8th 2020

Although our leagues are not currently running due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, don’t worry, we are still here to be contacted with any queries you may have.

Nobody can be sure when life will get back to normal, but rest assured when it does we will be ready, and our leagues will return stronger than ever!

There are many ways to contact us:

You can ring us on 0333 123 2340 throughout our normal office hours of 9am-7pm Monday to Thursday, 9-5pm on Friday and 12-6pm on Sunday.

You can email us on info@leisureleagues.net

And all our social media channels are working flat out to provide great content, so whether its Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram there is loads of stuff to keep you entertained in lockdown.

All of our leagues have a dedicated Facebook Group too, and if you haven’t already, then now is an ideal time to join.

These are all closed groups, so simply search for the area you live in and “Leisure Leagues” on the “Groups” tab on Facebook and request to join.

Once you have been accepted by your Area Manager we will keep you updated with any information in these groups and will also be posting some local exclusives.

Football will return, make sure when it does, you are playing with the best!

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