October 29th 2020
Lucy On The Rise With Leisure Leagues Franchise

Lucy Briggs is celebrating a hat-trick as things on the professional, personal and Leisure Leagues front are all enjoying a wonderful period of growth as 2020 comes to an end.

Lucy (middle) , who is soon to add two new leagues to her portfolio, also had the honour of officiating an England training game last week.

Already an Assistant Referee in the WSL, the Lancastrian was recently involved in the Manchester United v Brighton game, which United won 3-0, and the rising referee star was part of the team which was vital to the inter-squad games between the England U-18 teams.

She is now deciding whether to push to become a referee, as she added: “Referees have to go through a selection process with an observation, so I will see how it goes.”

One thing she is certain about, though, is the continued success of her competitions. Her leagues in Longridge have taken on a life of their own. So much so that she is starting two more competitions in other areas in January 2021.

Like many of our Partners up and down the land, Lucy has seen a massive uptake in teams since the full lockdown ended: “Teams are desperate to play,” she said.

She has adapted her promotional techniques to reflect her local area too, as she explained: “A lot of people in Garstang and Clitheroe aren’t online, so I did some old school leaflet drops” she told us. “They were very successful.”

She has looked to maximise the potential in her Franchise Area, too and another new league is planned, this time for the Colne district. “I looked for places that I could build on my existing leagues and after my research, I’ve managed to secure a booking on a fantastic pitch, and I look forward to kicking off in January.”

Lucy is also hoping to go global with Leisure Leagues too. Thanks to our links with the ISF, and the fact we are the driving force behind the World Cup we can offer our match officials incredible opportunities, and Lucy admitted she was hoping to get the chance: “The world cup looked amazing last year, and It would be great to go next year. “

With plenty on the horizon, the new leagues and the refereeing, things have changed on the personal front too, with Lucy moving into a new house. “We were all set to move but then lockdown happened, but when everything relaxed, that got sorted too, so everything is going brilliantly at the moment.”

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