December 8th 2020
Mic Check

Today we are thrilled to reveal our brand new series, “Mic’d Up” where we follow our teams in games across the country and get right to the heart of what makes our leagues tick.

In the first episode “How Has The Ref Give That!?”  Our TV crew headed up to Manchester, and attached a microphone to Alex King from ‘Sons of Pitches’ while he played.

There were goals,  there was fun and controversy, this is our leagues in the raw! Speaking about the new series, Leisure Leagues Jack Allen said: “’Drama’, I think is the key word to describe this one, you don’t want to miss it!”

Watch here:

We will be doing plenty more of them in the future as we look to bring plenty of new features to the leagues in 2021.

So look out for our cameras at your league – and we will make as many of stars as we possibly can!

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