July 5th 2022
Mums V Mums Netball Whips Up A Storm

Mums V Mums Netball leagues have been creating a storm wherever they’ve been played. But in Wigan, last weekend, they lived up to that better than ever!

The league at Newbridge Learning Centre kicked off on Sunday – its first game seeing nearly 100 women playing sport, some for the first time since school – and it was Storm who blew through the opposition as they raced into an early lead.

Chloe Lawrenson helped herself to an MVP award as her side romped home 30-4 against Robins, while Lisa Cunliffe took the eye as Mix Ups cruised home 18-0 in their clash.

The pick of the games, though, was a real ding-dong, see-saw clash as DoIt4Loui eventually ran out 21-13 victors against Wigan Women A, despite best efforts of Lisa Roscoe.

The action continues this Sunday as DoIt4Loui come up against Storm, trying to nullify their threat, and Mix Ups take on Robins in the pick of the other games.

Although the winners will be rewarded, Netball Leagues’ Zoe Retter was quick to stress that the point of the leagues was far more than results. “What we are so keen to do, with all these leagues is really see them become part of a community,” she said.

“The players in the leagues aren’t the best, necessarily – although we do have many good ones – but they are bound together by a common desire to play sport, to enjoy themselves and get active.”

There are teams in the league made up of ladies that hadn’t met each other before, with Zoe adding: “When we were planning the concept of these leagues, it was vital to us that we were different and that it was focussed on mums v mums, the people who might not be able to have enough in their friendship circle to create a team. That’s why we allow people to join as single players, then we put them in a team. Not only are they able to exercise in a fun, relaxed environment, but they build lasting friendships too. It’s absolutely lovely that we are able to do this.”

To join the Mums V Mums netball league  – powered by Leisure Leagues, the largest provider of community sport in the world – in Wigan click here.

Or click here to view the nearest league to you.

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