July 13th 2017
Nathan Goes East

To say there aren’t many English referees who can say they’ve refereed a game involving Ronaldinho, Robert Pires, Nicolas Anelka and Ryan Giggs is an understatement.

Maybe Howard Webb? Perhaps Pierluigi Collina if we widened the search to the the rest of the elite. Only the very, very best would be given such an opportunity after all.

But we can say there is only one small sided referee who has done it. Nathan East, from Warwick, was chosen by Leisure Leagues to go to Pakistan to be the man in the middle of the exhibition matches between Ronaldinho and Friends in Karachi and Lahore.

The games attracted thousands of excited fans, and hundreds of millions more watched on TV throughout the middle east.

Professional to a fault during the game – showing all the skills you would need to be a top ref – Nathan did permit himself some selfies at the end. Only after being interviewed by the national broadcaster of course.

After all the pictures were more than memories of something unforgettable -they proved it wasn’t a dream!

Remember, it is only Leisure Leagues that gets the legends playing. And only Leisure Leagues can offer our refs and players the opportunity to be part of major landmark international events.

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