October 23rd 2020
New Partners In For Training As Leisure Leagues Thrives

Leisure Leagues were delighted this week to welcome three new partners to our network, as the country’s fastest growing sport franchise added two new licenses.

Taidhgh O’Regan, who took on the Hucknall Franchise, together with George and Jack Tolley, who are taking on the rights to Telford, were all at Head Office this week to undergo socially distanced training sessions designed to give them everything they need to run their own, profitable community football leagues.

Leisure Leagues Franchise Sales Executive Sam Jones was part of the team that oversaw the training – which covered everything from setting up the league on our easy to use £1m website, to social media promotion and observing one of our flagship leagues for themselves –  and welcomed the trio, saying: “It’s fantastic to be there at the start of the journey for Taidhgh, George and Jack, and we look forward immensely to helping them grow and flourish. We will be with them every step of the way with our support and advice.”

Sam stressed, though, that Leisure Leagues saw this very much as a two-way street: “We learn just as much from our partners as they do from us,” he said. “It is vital that they bring fresh new ideas and it helps the business as a whole grow.”

Taidhgh, George and Jack are buying a Leisure Leagues Franchise at a boom time for the business too. September was a record month for the firm in terms of team entries, as the country was desperate for fitness after lockdown and Sam added that even the so-called “second wave” of infections, which has seen vast swathes of the country placed in increased measures, hadn’t slowed the growth down. “In all the tiers,” he stated, “Covid secure sport is allowed, which is brilliant for us, but obviously more importantly for communities all across England.”

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