January 17th 2020

“The FA could learn from this” those were the words of one team in Newmarket, as they welcomed the news a team has been removed for anti-social behaviour.

Romania Boys, have been the subject of a number of complaints in recent weeks, and have now been removed from the Suffolk league after failing to heed the warnings of staff.

Adam Glover, the Newmarket League Manager, said it was “regrettable” but added:  “We do not tolerate this kind of behaviour in any of our leagues.”

Complaints against the side had come in from other teams and also the match officials, and Adam confirmed that each of the messages had been investigated.

“We take this sort of thing extremely seriously,” said Glover. “Other League providers might not be as keen to make an example of teams and put profits ahead of people. We do not. Our leagues perform a vital role in the community, and as such they simply must be places where people feel welcome and respected.”

The move leaves a space in the league, but as Adam said: “We are more than confident that this will fill quickly, in fact the feedback we’ve had from customers since we made the decision to remove is that a number of teams are planning to come back as a direct result of this outfit being no longer there. Indeed, teams have said they wished the 11 a side leagues they played in dealt with things in the same way.”

The move underlines Leisure Leagues commitment to discipline. At a this where FA referees and 11 a side teams are leaving the game in thousands, as instances of violence rise (with reports up by nearly half since 2016), Leisure Leagues – who operate leagues on five continents and with over 1 million players – worth with national charity, Ref Support to ensure safety for everyone.

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