February 20th 2019

You’ve heard of Dancing On Ice, well how about football on ice….?

That is the brand new concept attracted over 20 children, when it was unveiled in Gilgit Baltistan, Northern Pakistan last week.

The intrepid kids braved the freezing temperatures to take part in some very special matches that saw some tricky underfoot conditions as they got on their skates and got out to play.

With temperatures touching minus 20 at this time of year meaning the usual pitches in the area were out of commission, Leisure Leagues Pakistan and World Group made sure they didn’t miss out on the fun.

Leisure Leagues Head of TV James Coe praised the idea but added: “This is exactly the sort of innovation that has become synonymous with Leisure Leagues Pakistan and World Group over the last couple of years and it isn’t surprising that they have come up with a fresh way to bring football to the communities in all parts of the country.”

Both the enthusiastic crowd of watching parents and the children themselves were fulsome in their praise of the event, one of the players saying excitedly: “Thank you so much to the Trunkwala Family and to Leisure Leagues.”

Gilgit Baltistan is the northernmost territory in Pakistan. It is home to almost two million people and the rugged beauty of the area has seen it described as both “the real Pakistan” and the “jewel“ of the country.

The most popular sport in the area is Polo, but as James pointed out, “this is a long-term project, and initiatives like this, working with the young, are exactly how we will win hearts and minds and put football at the forefront of peoples thinking.”


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